Technological developments in digital storage systems offer new opportunities for archiving as well as for joint research. Via internet, digital archives can be made available to Afghan research institutions and the general public alike. Online access to parts of this once-vital musical culture is possible in certain areas of Afghanistan, even if direct access to some Afghan archives and collections (such as the Hoerburger Collection) is not possible yet.

Digitisation strengthens the musicological infrastructure of the country. Online presence supports and encourages international cooperation and research. The AMRC is committed to the establishment and consolidation of accessible online digital archives; these steps offer additional opportunities for education and research.

Photos: The Kabul RTA Archive

The Hoerburger Collection

The Hoerburger Collection is a wide-ranging collection of folk songs, folk dances and folk music. Created by the ethnomusicologist/ethnologist Prof. Dr. Felix Hoerburger (1916-1997), the archive is today owned by the Universit├Ąt Regensburg. more