Afghanistan was well known for its cultural diversity, and equally renowned for its music. Under the Taliban regime, music was forbidden but many master musicians survived and, along with them, their knowledge.

The end of the Taliban regime saw many master musicians returning to Afghanistan. Since then, they have worked to pass on their wealth of knowledge to younger generations.

A musical journey

With the Safar project, ('safar' means 'journey') the AMRC supports Afghan musicians in their efforts to maintain and pass on their invaluable musical traditions and knowledge. A further goal of the project is the strengthening of mutual cultural understanding between Germany and Afghanistan. In this manner, existing cultural connections between Afghanistan and Germany can be further strengthened. The cooperation between Afghan and German musicians enables musical communication that transcends language barriers.

Concerts in Germany and Afghanistan

Since 2012, the musicians have performed and held workshops in both countries. Their repertoire includes both classical Afghan compositions and material which has been developed within the project.

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