During the reign of the Taliban in Afghanistan, music was forbidden. Many musicians and musicologists went into exile, and countless recordings and archives were destroyed. After the reign of the Taliban, following years of war and conflict, many master musicians returned to their homeland. Academics, both Afghan and international, have also resumed their important work, albeit under difficult circumstances.

The AMRC is committed to cooperation between Kabul University and University of Music FRANZ LISZT in order to strengthen and sustain musicological work in Afghanistan. Young Afghan musicians, music scholars and musicologists will be supported by college education provided to an international standard.

The AMRC supports:

  • the improvement of international exchange and the creation of international scientific networks.
  • international research, symposia, conferences and workshops.
  • the archival and systematic documentation of musical material, including both existing and new productions.
  • the creation of an e-Learning platform.


To date, few scientific publications have addressed Afghan music culture. The AMRC therefore supports the publication of scientific papers. more

Symposia & Meetings

The AMRC holds meetings, conferences and symposia in Afghanistan and Germany. The November 2014 symposium was about the potential of mobile information and communication technology. more