Digital learning environments have created new conditions for research and teaching. Educational scenarios in universities now include electronic services and tools. The advantages of e-learning methods include learning without restrictions of time or place, the ease of integration and reusability of video and audio learning materials.

These developments in learning will also be incorporated by the Weimar and Kabul universities in their collaborative development of teaching and research projects. A common e-Learning platform will enable the enhanced planning and realisation of teaching modules, as well as the coordination of collaborative research projects.


Joint online seminar

In the winter term of 2014/2015, seven students from Weimar and ten from Kabul, including five women, began to participate in an online seminar - by using a joint e-learning platform. more

AMRC music room

AMRC music room is an e-Learning platform that gives you an insight into the very different aspects and branches of musicology. The course will show you the idea of musicology as an interdisciplinary field which opens up various possibilities to deal within the music area. The course will introduce and create a basis for strengthening one's research skills and working abilities in the field of Musicology, Ethnomusicology, Music Education and Music Management.

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