Joint online seminar

In the winter term of 2014/2015, seven students from Weimar and ten from Kabul, including five women, began to use the joint e-Learning platform. They studied and discussed Afghan musical culture, musicological and management issues and music education. To facilitate their joint activities and dialogue, they used a Moodle platform, specially adapted for musicological study.

The participants from Weimar were received by the academic staff member Mirwaiss Sidiqi, who studied musicology at Kabul University and worked at the department of Transcultural Music Studies (TMS), an introduction to the music and cultural history of Afghanistan. The Afghan students became familiar with the scientific and methodological approach used in Germany.

International exchange

To include an accurate picture of current musical developments in Afghanistan, texts were revised and expanded. Other topics of the seminar were including the work in international archives and methods of field research.

In November, the music department of the University of Kabul and the Weimar Department of TMS held the first Symposium on Collaborative Research, at Kabul University. There, the joint cooperation began. The online seminar is the next step, and will continue to operate during the term break.

Exchanges with students from other regions of the world are planned - e-learning plays an important role in the future educational environment of the TMS.